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Life is stressful! How do you react to the stressors of fast-paced living? Do you have the resilience to withstand life's trials and tribulations? Are you a survivor? Find out with the Coping Skills Inventory.

Everybody is exposed to stressful situations, both positive and negative. Stress is an integral element in the lives of all creatures, and it plays an important role in survival. Nevertheless, stress can have negative effects on our physical and emotional health. Interestingly, what matters is not the number of stressful situations that we are exposed to, nor the amount of stress that we have to withstand. More important is our perception and subjective interpretation of the stressor, and how we react to it.

People use a variety of techniques to deal with stress in their lives. Some of these techniques are helpful; others are definitely not. Most of us utilize different techniques for different problems, and the strategies we use can depend on our ages and the resources we have available to us, among other factors. Your range of coping skills will help determine how well you deal with the different stresses in your life.

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